The Penguins

  The Huntley Penguins have been marking trails in these parts since 1972.  The Penguins meet the first Tuesday of the month at The Huntley American Legion.  In case you want to drop by the meetings start at 7:30 P.M. (September thru April).

  Although driving off-road and pounding markers into the dirt is kind of fun, the club does have other activities. The Penguins try to ride local as much as the snow will allow and have an annual weekend trip to snowmobile up North.  As a Region 5 member the Penguins join other clubs for Picnics, Ball Games, Camping and More.

  The Penguins are a not for profit corporation and a member of Region 5 and the Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs (IASC).  The clubs main income comes from an annual Meat Raffle held in April at the Huntley American Legion.  The majority of these funds are used for insurance to protect landowners who allow us to mark trails on their property.  The Penguins donate annually to charity and nonprofit organizations.


President : Henry Regard

Vice President : Tom Fennessy

Secretary : Dan Halvorsen

Treasurer : Kerby Kolander

Trail Boss : Gordy Diedrick

Delegate : Steve Francissen